At Distill, we really care about skincare. Our main goal is to understand your needs and find the best ways to help you. We offer advanced medical grade skincare & cosmetic solutions that are proven to work and make you feel more radiant and happy. When we combine your unique beauty needs with our expertise and caring approach, it results in real and genuine improvements for you.

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Welcome to Distill Skin, your trusted beauty store with over 20 years of experience in skincare. Our premier physician-owned and operated establishment has served thousands of satisfied customers. Led by the award-winning board-certified Canadian cosmetic physician and educator - Dr. Sarwat Abraham, our team is highly trained across various regions like GTA, New York, Turkey, UAE, and USA. Our passion for skincare is fueled by the joy of seeing our clients happy and glowing.


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Swaleen has over 15 years of experience in the medical aesthetics industry. Previously working in Barbados and New York City, Swaleen also managed some of the premier laser clinics in Toronto. She’s partnered with top plastic surgeons from Toronto and Dubai, too, to help patients realize their aesthetic goals. She works with patients to develop personalized treatment plans to bring them the best results possible. Specializing in hair loss, anti-aging, and laser hair removal, she now brings her high-level of patient care to Distill Laser Clinic.

Medical Grade Skincare ONLY

At Distill Skin, we exclusively offer medical-grade skincare products handpicked by Dr. Abraham and Swaleen, along with their team of beauty experts. Our focus is on curating the finest skincare solutions that match the high standards set for their patients.

Our meticulous selection process involves choosing advanced, clinically-proven ingredients that effectively address various skin concerns. We take great pride in delivering exceptional customer service, with our dedicated staff always ready to provide personalized recommendations and assist you in finding skincare products that will surpass your expectations.